2023 Mckenzie Pass updates

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April 23rd still too much snow to even ride to the gate, more updates to follow. Brad

May 1st We saw ODOT sweepers and a plow on our way towards the gate this morning, the good news is you can ride to the gate now, the bad news is 1/10th of a mile beyond the gate there is too much snow and ice to continue. Check out the pictures below, and I’ll post more updates as things change. Brad

5/1/2023 You can ride to the gate.

5/1/2023 1/10th of a mile beyond the gate.

5/9/2023 There are a few trees down across the road, but you can now ride 1.1 miles beyond the gate, pictures below. Brad

5/9/2023 Tree across road

5/9/2023 More trees in the road.

5/9/2023 1.1 miles beyond the gate is the end of the road for now.

5/16/2023 Wow, what a difference a week makes. Both the warm weather and ODOT crews worked hard last week, so now the downed trees are cleared and the road is plowed to about 3/4 of a mile beyond Windy Point. If ODOT keeps working this week, we may be able to reach the summit by the weekend. I’ll try and get up there on Tuesday and publish another update before the weekend. Brad

5/16/2023 Approaching Windy Point, note road has not been swept, ride with care.

5/16/2023 End of the road for now, about 3/4 of a mile beyond Windy Point ( 2 1/4 miles to the summit)

5/16/2023 Thank you ODOT road crews for all your hard work!

5/18/2023 More progress, you can now ride to within 4/10 of a mile from the summit. ODOT plows are working on the “big cut” just below the summit. My guess is you will be able to make it to the top by Saturday. Even if you can’t make it to the top, it’s magical up there so go ride. Remember, the road is not swept, there are many unmarked hazards and while you are riding up others are riding down, so please stay to the right of the yellow line. Have fun and be safe. Brad

5/18/2023 Just below the “big cut” 4/10th od a mile below the summit.

5/18/2023 ODOT plows working on the last snow drifts below the summit.

5/19/2023 Although I have not done it yet, we are getting reports that you can now ride all the way to the Summit from the Sisters Side! Brad

5/23/2023 ODOT is clearing trees today, so you can’t get past the gate. Some days they are working and it isn’t safe for the public to be up there. Please respect them, there are trees to fell and clear, road repairs and road sweeping to get done before the road opens. To plan your trip ODOT generally work Monday-Thursday in the morning/early afternoon. So Friday-Sunday should be no problem, and if you need to go up Monday -Thursday after 4pm is usually safe as well. Brad

5/26/2023 The pass is clear of snow all the way on both the east (Sisters) and west (McKenzie Bridge) side! We also have heard that the Sisters road has been swept of debris.

6/3/2023 There are reports of a rock slide on the west side towards the bottom of the switchbacks. It blocks about 3/4 of the road, passable by bike, but please be careful descending. Brad

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